Deliver high quality events to bring in new business and get the right insights for optimising them.

Capture valuable event touchpoints directly in MS Dynamics and make better strategic decisions for your large-scale events.

Amplify sales effort: Win new customers through relevant communication

  • Adapt to market trends quickly
  • Plan your sales interactions
  • Produce intuitive events for your target audience
  • Maintain a regular follow up process

Effectively manage marketing campaigns: Beetsol’s unique integration enables you to deliver scalable events

  • Gain better control over all facets of the events
  • Send distinctive invitations
  • Maximize event success
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Enhanced customer service: create a personalized experience for your target audience to achieve retention

  • Update registration information in real-time
  • Reduce response time
  • Address customer queries right away
  • Have an informed follow-up with attendees post event

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