Leverage your event data to gain actionable insights.

Beetsol’s event management platform enables you to close more deals quickly by automatically and efficiently syncing your event data with Pardot account every time.

Effectively manage your event data: Beetsol’s integration with Pardot helps you achieve connectivity across the organization.

  • Achieve data cleansing
  • Capture data of relevant attendees
  • Optimize corporate event invitations based on registration data
  • Send and receive timely alerts

Boost customer engagement: Nurture your event registrants in an effective manner.

  • Gain insights into customer preferences
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns
  • Create a personalized and consistent experience for your customers
  • Easy post-event follow up

Empower your sales team: Help your sales team with relevant event data for closing maximum deals.

  • Discover prospective customers
  • Benefit from the functionality of authentication
  • Boost productivity
  • Keep track of after event feedback

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