Maximize your event’s success by bridging the gap between marketing and sales activities.

Our solution provides a trusted and reliable mechanism for linking Salesforce to your online event reports.

Boost event attendance: Beetsol integration with SalesForce is scalable and allows you to organize all types of events.

  • Automate the process of creating Salesforce campaigns for new events
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Simplify capturing the registration data
  • Plan your event in line with your audience’s expectations

Speed up sales conversion rate: Push event registration data and attendee data to Salesforce immediately.

  • Streamline the follow-up process based on event feedback
  • Set up personalized marketing campaigns
  • Send appropriate follow-up communications
  • Build up an inventory of relevant leads

Estimate your events’ success: Our integration allows measuring your online events’ success by analyzing key performance indicators.

  • Retrieve necessary event information with a single click
  • Get better insights through attendees polls
  • Seamlessly transfer updated data between Salesforce and Beetsol
  • Effectively nurture future opportunities

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