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Everyday an increasing number of companies are moving to online learning platforms. Usually, the process starts with the stakeholders(Trainers/Admins) realizing that it is better to streamline their training process and use a platform that helps them to achieve that.

As this blog focuses on how to choose an LMS vendor, we will assume that the Admins or Trainers have defined and submitted their RFP to potential vendors.

During the initial phase, the Admins face many questions, unknowns and possibilities due to the range of proposals received. They see different estimates, submissions and trends in the world of e-Learning and generally start with the Estimate :).

And If the budget allows, one is very eager to purchase all the modules pitched by the vendors whether they are needed or not. The excitement to start using the system, inorder to benefit the company, kicks in and in this order, sometimes, the budget determines the product you choose, and not the features/modules that are relevant to your training environment!

What questions you should ask?

# Does the product meet atleast 80% of the requirements submitted in the RFP?
# Has vendor simply answered yes or no to your requirements? Or have they actually taken the effort to explain how they can meet them?
# How has been their approach with the RFP? Did they way until the last date for submissions?
# Did they submit a plan on how they will achieve implementation of the platform that you need?
# If any sort of custom work is needed, has it been defined clearly? Including costs and time-frames?
# Is the potential vendor willing to partner with you on this project, help you, guide you through the entire process? Or is it just a bland submission?
# Do you see an expert in the vendor or just a product?

There are many e-Learning products in the market and their features are similar to one another. Usually the distinguishing factor between them is the Estimate. Naturally, we tend to lean towards the one which is cheaper and has the same features compared to the expensive product. However, apart from meeting at least 80% of your requirements mentioned in the RFP, you should also see if the vendor can:

# Scale its platform seamlessly?
# Provide a pilot?
# Provide you with an API in order to integrate with third party systems such as CRM’s, CMS’s and such.
# Customize the platform to meet your LMS requirements and not the other way around?
# Provide you a flexible pricing module?
# Help you distinguish between your e-Learning needs and wants?

Some of these questions cannot be quantified, but they are very important in order to move forward with a vendor. They help you know if the vendor has the expertise in the field of e-Learning or is it just limited to having a product and selling it.

We at Beetsol strive hard to help you implement a system that will serve you and your organization for years to come. Contact us to know more!