how an LMS works and why they Need It

Mythbuster – Why are Companies Holding Back on e-learning? Do they Know how an LMS works and why they Need It ?

Do you really think it is worth introducing an e-learning system within your company?

You need an E – learning system if:

Your company has geographically remote offices and wants to control the quality of staff knowledge;
Your company provides employees with obligatory adaptive and product training, training opportunities and the development of competencies;
Your company wants to automate field training and monitor its performance;
Your company prepares and evaluates specialists for subsequent reception staff.

Are you worried that e-learning will not bring the expected result, because:

Myth: eLearning does not work in our industry?

Mythbuster: E-learning works in any industry. Representatives of every profession would vouch for online courses to help improve their skills, learn new techniques and improve performance. Technical specialties suitable simulators work with the equipment and safety training courses, sales staff – courses on new products and services and customer service standards.
Adaptation courses and tests to quickly bring into the swing of things and get to know the corporate culture of new staff, and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge at any time in any place will appeal to constantly busy executive.

Myth: eLearning – poor substitute for face to face training

True: E-learning works both independently and as part of a blended learning program. This does not necessarily translate all courses in electronic format. Obviously, it is impossible to teach the soft skills without personal contact with the coach, but the presence in the electronic form of theoretical material, which at any moment can turn, will help to make the intramural training more effective. Some areas, such as regulations and standards, legislation, products and hardware, can become even more effective in online training.

Myth: Our employees do not get to learn remotely

Truth: eLearning can be exciting! Even negative e-learning experience isn’t a reason to abandon the technology. Make interesting and really useful courses, use gamification tools, organize educational, social network and encourage the exchange of experience within the company, and you will see that your employees are always happy to learn online!

Myth: E-learning can only be afforded by large companies

Mythbuster: eLearning today is highly affordable The value for money is phenomenal. LMS-systems can be rented and courses can be created by experienced staff and in-house experts. When you see the effectiveness of e-learning, you will want to develop the system and make better and more involving courses.

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