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Universities and educational institutions leverage Beetsol to conduct virtual recruitment events

Stats: 100+ sessions, 200+ 1:1 appointments, 1000+ registrants across 7 events

The recruitment teams in universities and educational institutions spent decades trying to perfect the in-person recruitment process across demographic lines. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, they were forced to make a transition. They had just two months to shift their event modality as well as their mindset. As a result, universities and educational institutions had to brainstorm how to conduct recruitment events virtually. Since most schools open in the first week of July, there wasn't enough time to deliver.

On top of that, the number of virtual event management platforms was pretty limited. Hence, in a short span of time, colleges and universities had to choose a provider that seemed to fulfill most of their requirements. Sadly, towards the end of 2020, most recruitments teams felt limited in their ability to host more virtual events because the product didn't have enough features or capabilities.

They needed an event management platform that could accommodate more use cases according to the expanding needs of the institution.

Adopting Beetsol for Virtual Recruitment Events

As the year progressed, universities and educational institutes started applying a more rigorous process to find an online event management platform that fits all their recruitment requirements. And perhaps expand its usage across various departments. When some of these educational institutions came across a professional, secure, customizable, and flexible event management platform like Beetsol, their search ended. With Beetsol, they could provide a personalized audience experience. They were able to shift their recruitment events online easily.

Word spread and halfway into 2021, Beetsol has become a favorite among universities and educational institutes. They were pleasantly surprised to finally find an event management platform that is not only flexible but is also focused on user-centered experience. Beetsol's founders went beyond just replicating the current offering. They offered these institutions new growth opportunities.

"When the lockdown was first announced, we were forced to move our classes online. And no one was prepared for that. Even as the lockdown was gradually lifted, we were apprehensive about organizing in-person events, considering the safety of our students and staff. But the traditional conferencing apps did not provide the flexibility of organizing an end- to-end event. One of our staff members then suggested Beetsol, who now help us manage our postgraduate and undergraduate virtual events. Our transition was seamless and we were assisted by the experienced team at Beetsol at every step of the way. We plan to use Beetsol for our upcoming campus recruitments drives as well."

- Tim Atkinson, Event Planner, Education

A Customizable Event Management Platform

With Beetsol, universities and education institutions continue to move their postgraduate and undergraduate recruitment events online. Our event management platform offers them the ability to customize the experience for three different audiences: adult learners, parents, and secondary education students. For instance, they needed 1:1 appointments for post-graduates and a robot platform that employs the toughest security measures out there. There are several requirements but very few providers that meet all of them.

Beetsol met their requirements, both in terms of customization as well as security. Our event management platform can cater to multiple audiences and their unique needs. Not to mention the fact that highly engaging recruitment sessions resulted in a high attendance rate. For some universities, the rate even surpassed the industry benchmark of a 40% conversion rate. That shows the power of an all-in-one virtual event management platform. These institutions realized that the perks of Beetsol aren't limited to the pandemic. It actually eliminates the barriers that lower the conversion rate, such as work schedules, travel expenses, and geographic locations.

Our success with educational institutes indicates that we're moving towards a hybrid future where both in-person and virtual events will become a norm.

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