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Event management companies are using Beetsol to organize online events that are paid and free, small and large, for various use-cases.

Stats: 700+ Events hosted, 400+ Paid events, 45,000+ Attendees, $1M revenue generated

Every industry has its black swan and the event industry met its in 2021. Over the years, the event industry has experienced a myriad of radical changes including digitalization, big data, social media, and numerous online tools. What hasn’t changed, however, is the people’s need to communicate with each other. Unlike digitalization, the event management industry has seen unparalleled evolution in the past year.

Recently, event management companies have had no choice but to pivot their strategy to not only sustain but also succeed in this competitive space. Beetsol, a virtual event management platform, then addressed the current gap and challenges faced by these companies to replicate the impact of in-person events in virtual events.

"Our agility was put to the test by the pandemic. Within weeks, we had to quickly find new ways of training our customers. Instead of physical events, our team pivoted to virtual methods of delivering effective training workshops. And Beetsol has been an incredible find in that regard. They have helped us to replace our in-person workshops to virtual workshops seamlessly"

- Alfred Murphy, Training Manager

It’s No Longer a Temporary Fix

Up until a year ago, virtual events were considered a temporary fix to combat the cancellation of in-person events. However, it’s mid-2021, and in-person gatherings such as business conferences, workshops, sports events, and other local gatherings are still considered a risky proposition. Considering the current trend, it’s not unfair to say that events, big or small, will continue to take the virtual route in the near future. When the impact of COVID-19 finally fades away, most event companies would have realized the importance of having a ‘backup plan’.

"We’re not stressing about the future. Some things are bigger than us but what’s important is to adapt according to the circumstances. The way virtual events have united people across borders, we believe they’re here to stay. Our company had taken a hybrid approach with customer conferences by doing them part online and part in-person. Beetsol has been a robust partner who has helped us achieve this successfully"

- Vishal Singh, Marketing Manager

With Beetsol, hosting events is easier than ever. In just 3 steps, you can go live and offer a fully customized experience to your virtual attendees. Using Beetsol’s event builder tool, event management companies can create fully branded registration pages, confirmation pages, waiting pages, add speaker bio’s, and many other aspects.

Handover the Management to Beetsol Platform

What event organizers like the most about Beetsol are the intuitive themes that they can customize according to their client’s preferences. To do that, they don’t need any coding experience. All they need to do is select any template that they like and start customizing it while including components such as a countdown timer and social share icons.

There are many other features and services that allow Event Management companies to handover the logistics of managing their events to Beetsol while they focus on other important aspects of the event such as its marketing and production.

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