event management platform for healthcare

Event Management Software for Healthcare

Beetsol is helping healthcare experts across the world to host medical conferences, talk shows, expos, fairs, and conferences digitally.

Stats: 50+ medical conferences, 4000+ attendees, 10+ expos

Historically, medical professionals have used symposiums, conferences, and other live gatherings to not only engage with each other but also share the latest scientific advances and treatments. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, scientists, and healthcare experts relied on face-to-face interactions or live events to share knowledge, which happens to be the very foundation of advancements in medicine.

When the COVID-19 pandemic announced itself, this dissemination of crucial information was interrupted. Besides reeling with the upsurge of patients in hospitals, sharing long-term and short-term strategies via in-person meetings became impractical and even dangerous for medical practitioners, considering the high rate of COVID-19 infections.

How Beetsol helped the medical community

The key opinion leaders in the medical and pharmaceutical industry started brainstorming the ways they can minimize their dependency on in-person gatherings to stay top of mind, showcase their product pipeline, and demonstrate their commitment. To bring the live-meeting experiences online, opting for a virtual event management platform was the only viable solution.

This is when they came across Beetsol, an all-in-one event management platform that made online medical conferences easier than ever. Medical professionals could plan and host small conferences to large virtual expositions without any technical difficulties, with Beetsol. Owing to its user-friendly interface, people across all demographics found it easy to use and interactive. International medical conferences require collaboration, connection, and a sense of community which they were able to achieve using our online event management platform.

Unlike in-person events, organizers responsible for hosting virtual events in the medical field saved huge printing costs, time, and design resources. They reported a significant ROI on each event they hosted using Beetsol. Moreover, organizers leveraged the innovative marketing features of Beetsol to boost attendance during the virtual events.

Other features of Beetsol include:

  • End-to-end online event ecosystem
  • Providing event recording easily
  • Data and analytics in the form of detailed reports
  • Branded online events and marketing
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use event planner

In the past, surgeons, fellows, and residents from different countries faced financial or geographic constraints which prevented them from attending in-person meetings. Besides, many younger medical professionals felt reluctant to speak in a large auditorium either due to less experience or language barrier. The Online events have broken these barriers and using Beetsol, hosting these events has become considerably convenient and easy.

"As a leading healthcare organization in California, United States, we have traditionally relied on in-person medical conferences for professional interactions with colleagues and people within the medical community. In these conferences, our discussions led to academic collaborations and new groundbreaking research. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we were challenged to replicate the benefits of in-person medical conferences. This is when we came across Beetsol. We were successfully able to host large medical conferences that ran for several days at a time. In fact, we were able to address various scenarios with Beetsol than previously imagined. For instance, apart from online medical symposiums, we now use this event management platform for residency and fellowship training too."

- Gary Sollis, CIO, Healthcare

The future of medical conferences

We anticipate that most medical conferences and events will move online in 2021. Besides managing the immediate impact of the pandemic, healthcare experts are looking at the long-term changes and goals. With newer technologies and prevalent behavioral change, the dissemination of information via virtual events will become a norm. Though they may not replace in-person events, we are looking at a more hybrid future where both virtual events and in-person gatherings will have a place in the medical community. Hence, now is the time to be a part of the virtual-event revolution in 2021 and beyond.

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