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Beetsol is helping nonprofits to hold virtual fundraising events, meetings & conferences, raise donations, and in turn maximize their return on investment.

Stats: 150+ fundraising events, $1.5 million raised in donations, 100+ conferences

Nonprofits have conventionally relied on charity and fundraising events to raise donations. But due to the Pandemic in 2020, most of the nonprofits were left panic-stricken. With forced closures, constant uncertainty, remote work, and event cancellations, the in-person fundraising events came to an abrupt halt. As the virus continued to wreak havoc well into the end of 2020, event organizers working in nonprofit organizations had to come up with an alternative strategy and look for a new way to hold these charity events.

Virtual Nonprofit Fundraising Using Beetsol

In the mid-2020, virtual nonprofit fundraising events began to create a buzz. Even in the midst of one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises, there were people who were homeless, who didn't have access to food or medicine, and children who were deprived of education. So, it was imperative that nonprofits resume operations so that people in need continue to receive help. It was then nonprofits turned to technology as a counteractive measure. They were introduced to Beetsol, a virtual event management platform that had all the features to help run virtual fundraising successfully.

"Over the last decade, we have helped raise millions of dollars with the help of numerous fundraising campaigns. None of us had anticipated that suddenly all our events would be canceled on such short notice. While our employees shifted to remote work, we were still finding our way around resuming fundraising operations virtually. During our research, we came across Beetsol. Initially, we thought transitioning to online events would be difficult. But thanks to the customer-centric team of Beetsol, we were not only able to collect thousands of registrations but also raised significant donations from people around the world. We continue to use Beetsol for virtual meetings & conferences, live entertainment, tournaments, seminars, and festivals."

- Heimo Atkinson, Marketing Manager, Non-Profit

Another major challenge faced by nonprofit event organizers while moving to the virtual landscape was audience engagement. Leaving a virtual event is as easy as the click of a button. But with Beetsol, nonprofits were able to create amazing experiences and could easily identify the engagement level of their virtual audience.

Using Beetsol, nonprofit event organizers were able to:

  • run activities like quizzes, real-time polls, Q&A to promote active engagement
  • offer pre-recorded sessions in the form of on-demand content
  • send push notifications to keep attendees informed
  • promote their fundraising event across all social media channels
  • offer content translated into different languages to reach more people

...and the benefits are practically limitless!

Long-term Outlook of Virtual Fundraising Events

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to mold the world economy in 2021. Therefore, flexibility will remain a key to success when it comes to hosting fundraising events. Given the tremendous benefits of virtual events, reaching thousands of people across borders being one of them, virtual fundraisers will become the new normal.

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