Flexible Pricing Model

Pay only for Active Users

We charge our clients only for what they use. As we provide Bespoke solutions most often than not, the pricing depends on variables such as:

1. How many active users do you have?
2. Do you need any third-party integration?
3. Do you need Data Migration?
4. Are you a Non-profit, Educational institution or Start-up?
5. Will you like to host the solution on Cloud or on Premise?
6. What Support package will you be interested in?
7. Would you like to work on a Pilot before committing?
8. How long would you like to sign up for?
9. Will you like to Brand the Solution?
10. Do you need an App?
11. Etc..

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  1. Where are your servers located?
    The Beetsol servers are hosted and professionally managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in their Northern Virginia (USA) Data Center. However, considering the data privacy laws for different Countries and/or Organizations, we do provide hosting On-Premise or on Cloud servers of client choice.

  2. Are my training courses backed up regularly?
    Yes. The frequency of the back-ups depends on the SLA for the client.

  3. Is my Beetsol account secure?
    Yes. All Beetsol accounts are password protected and have a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection. We host our platform using world class hosting providers for WHM security protocols are second to none. Please contact us for more information and documentation.

  4. Do I have to download any software?
    No. You can build, deliver and track training from anywhere using a device with a browser and internet.

  5. Does Beetsol provide managed services such as building courses and data migration?
    We proudly boost about our intuitive User Interface and easy to use features, and you won’t need any assistance to build your courses. However, we do provide managed services such as course creation, and data migration from other LMS platforms considering time constraints, large data size, important user progress that our clients may need from their existing platforms.

  6. Do you have a free trial?
    Yes! Please Contact us (link) to have one setup.

  7. What does Active user mean?
    An active user is any unique user who logs into the LMS during the 30-day billing period. For example: You’ve purchased a 200 user plan, this means that within the 30-day billing period a maximum of 200 users can login to your LMS.

  8. What happens if I reach the maximum number of users in my Plan?
    The new users will be shown a “Contact your Admin” message. The number of users can be increased at anytime by contacting If you are unsure about the number of active users you expect to have in any given month then please inform us in advance so we can provide you a plan accordingly.

  9. Can I suspend user accounts? How will the data get affected?
    Yes. When you suspend an account the progress and reports for that user are retained in the system incase you will like to reactive the account in future.
    You will not be billed for a suspended account if you suspend it before your billing cycle begins. For example: If your billing cycle starts on Jan 31st then please make sure to suspend account(s) that are no longer in use by Jan 30th. If the account is not suspended before the bill cycle date then you will billed for the entire month.

  10. Can I transfer user accounts?
    No. You cannot transfer accounts. You can however suspend an account as mentioned in point 9 and replace it with a new account. This is to maintain the data integrity of the user accounts.

  11. Can I use Beetsol on Mobile devices and Tablets?
    Yes. You can do so using a browser and internet connectivity. Please contact us if you need an app.

  12. How do I pay for my Beetsol account?
    We accept Check, Wire and all major Credit Card payments.

  13. What are your hours of Support?
    Our standard (minimum) support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm U.S. EST. However, these may increase depending on the Service Level Agreement. Example: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.