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The world is changing much faster than anyone can anticipate. Developing a diverse workforce that can adapt and evolve with these fast-paced changes has become the need of the hour. Beetsol’s Employee Training Management solution empowers our clients with all the necessary tools to develop their human capital, to accelerate their company’s growth, and to ultimately drive revenues. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is stimulating and easy to use, thereby driving high user adoption.

Create a cohesive online learning environment for your valuable workforce

Deliver an impeccable learning experience for your instructors and learners. Engage your users with the most interactive and easy to use virtual learning solution.

  • Collaborate with remote peers and colleagues
  • Scale quickly and easily according to your requirements
  • Create a learning environment with your own theme
  • Collaborate using built-in communication tools
Content builder

Our course ingestion tool allows you to create engaging and simplified courses very quickly. Use our accordion view to create and edit multiple courses in parallel and save time.

  • Bulk upload 100’s of courses simultaneously
  • Content builder that supports all file formats
  • Drag and drop content from multiple sources
  • Build interactive modules with minimum effort

Track the progress of the participants through quizzes and assignments at regular intervals. Take control of the training outcome by managing all the resources under one roof.

  • Use multiple question types from the question library
  • Crease Assignments at important milestones
  • Evaluate the Quizzes in a comprehensive manner
  • Issue certificates at the end of Learning paths

Gain meaningful insights into each action of the participants over time using our detailed reports. Evaluate and keep track of their accomplishments as well as their skill gaps.

  • Access the Dashboard for an overview of all the roles
  • Explore ways to further enhance your course content
  • Identify potential inconsistencies and incongruities
  • Have shareable reports across different hierarchies

Develop smart teams by empowering them to be more productive with their time. Adopt our new approach to increase flexibility of your instructors and engagement of your learners.

  • Have detailed notifications for each user action
  • Allow participants to submit feedback at each level
  • Allow users to work as Teams on various tasks
  • Create customized Lesson plans for participants

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