Integration solutions that stand above the rest

Modern IT ecosystem is flooded with disparate applications and services, and the challenge in creating efficient and effective connectivity persists for many organizations. Our online event and eLearning platforms integrate with SalesForce, Zoom, MS Dynamics, Hubspot, Sugar CRM, and many others right out of the box. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all your integration requirements.

Conferencing tools

Extract value out of video conferencing tools by leveraging our technology. Our solutions enable you to conduct large scale online events effectively in just a few clicks.

  • Integrate with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect
  • Customize events to cater to your business needs
  • Invite 1000’s of attendees and optimize lead generation
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with a great ROI

Regain control over all your customer interactions across various channels in an effective manner. Centralize all your customer data and view it in its most usable form.

  • Integrate with SalesForce, Sharepoint, Hubspot
  • Convert event registrants and attendees into leads
  • Streamline your event and training management
  • Pull and Push data using automated crons

Develop and manage exclusive content that aligns with your goals. Connect with your existing clients and communicate your business’s value proposition to attract new customers.

  • Integrate with Sharepoint, Jumla, Drupal
  • Develop tailored content to match client requirements
  • Optimize content for various streaming platforms
  • Create memorable impact of your brand

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