Evaluate the data of all your events with ease

Reporting dashboards covering real-time data of your past, present, and future online events

Have access to all your event data in one place with our reporting Dashboard

Live Event Reports

Assess and improve your events with important touchpoints at your fingertips.

Registration Report

Get the summary and details of registration data of all your events.

Attendee Report

This includes time attended, poll data, and other data points of a live event.

User Report

Access the data for all the users who have registered or attended an event.

On-Demand Report

For all the users who have registered and viewed your event recordings.

Social Media Report

Determine the most effective sources that generate your leads and registrants. This report allows you to track, segment, and evaluate each source used for publishing and marketing your events.

Email Campaign Report

It is important to understand the quality of your email lists. Using this report, you can check the number of email invitations delivered and bounced, and the email open rate.

Sales Report

This report helps you check the sales data for each paid event. It includes registrant information, number of transactions, tickets sold per transaction, total revenue, and transaction IDs.

Take your data with you

While the reports can be accessed online, you can also export them to XLS/CSV after each event. Our reports scheduler allows you to set weekly reports for multiple recipients.

Integrate with CRM

Push all event reports to a CRM of your choice. The registrants can be created as contacts or leads with their attendance, and other live event data such as time attended, polls etc.

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