Create and share your
online events in 3 steps

Our event builder tool provides all the components required for a fully customized experience.

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Create and Manage all your online events from one place

Create a library of all your past, present, and future events with their recordings for easy access

online event management platform

Event pages

Build all aspects of your events from scratch while keeping your design philosophy intact.

dotRegistration page

Add the registration form, page layout, description, banner, and footer.

dotConfirmation page

Add the confirmation text, share icons, banner, footer, and event details.

dotWaiting page

Add the timer, banner, footer, description text, and share icons.


Add speakers with their complete bio and use them for multiple events.

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event builder

Form builder

Add various field types using drag and drop functionality. Reorder fields seamlessly and set character limits for each field. Have complete control on the font and colors used in the form.

Page builder

Design the page layout and brand the page with your banner, footer, and colors for each event. Add the pre-added speakers with their bios, social share icons, and other event details with images and videos.

online event management


Use our themes which are created using the most current designs and include components such as social share icons, countdown timer, and a predefined page layout.

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Event Recordings

Provide access to the recordings after registrations or provide them to the attendees directly. The recordings can be promoted separately from the live events for users who couldn’t attend.

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event management tools


Use our form builder to create a survey, attaching it to an event. Schedule auto send to a segmented list of registrants and attendees before or after the event.


Create the registration, confirmation, and waiting pages in a language(s) of your choice, and customize the email templates accordingly. Contact us to add the languages you need.

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Additional Features

Beetsol Online Event Management Software

Manage UsersManage Users

Manage the user data of all your past and future events seamlessly.

Integrations Integrations

Pull and push data from your CRM ensuring an end-to-end ecosystem.

Advanced SecurityAdvanced Security

Unique URL for each participant generated at run-time for every event.

Mobile compatible Mobile compatible

All the pages created using our page builder are mobile compatible.

Short CodesShort Codes

Use custom short codes in forms and emails for dynamic parameters.

Notification Notification

Enable alerts for registrations and cancellations for each event.

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