Lead generation strategies for your next virtual event

October 24, 2021

Events are lead magnets. Traditional events such as conferences, networking events, and trade shows, attract prospective clients.

Now, enter 2021. Virtual events are ubiquitous. Every other organization conducts events such as webinars, online networking events, virtual product launch events, etc. These events are proving to be large lead-generating machines.

Compared to traditional events, online events can attract a large pool of clients, provided you are applying the right lead generation strategies.

Here are some strategies that are worth considering for online lead generation through your online events.

Strategies for online lead generation through online events

1. The Choice of Panel Members

Once you’ve decided about conducting a virtual event, give a very good thought about the panel members. Popular talent and exceptional speakers attract people to your online events, and the right speakers can make your event memorable.

With virtual events eliminating geographical barriers, you can rope in industry leaders from across the globe to speak at your events. But choose the industry leaders who can align their thoughts with your company goals.

The collaboration with industry experts will help in lead generation at events, and with their participation, your company will get associated with industry expertise.

2. Pricing Model

Online events eliminate the need for a participant to travel to distant places. And travelling does not come cheap. A large number of participants can join these events with access to the internet.

But most often, barriers like the high entry price to join the event limit your event’s reach. You can encourage more people to participate in the event by giving entry free of charge or charging a small admission fee. Keep in mind that, unless you are catering to a focused group of VIP clients, your pricing model should be such that it does not hamper your event’s reach.

3. The Use of Content Marketing Channels

Now, social media is everywhere. It is the place to begin with to attract attendees to your virtual events. Start by posting social media advertisements, especially on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. While Facebook will help with B2C events, LinkedIn will help in attracting the right participants for B2B events.

As a prelude to your event, generate content to share on social media sites to attract leads. You can share your brochure, videos, online presentations, etc., as an event builder.

Another great way to use content marketing to boost event registrations is through email marketing. Moreover, email marketing gives a personalized approach to lead generation.

There is one other way to generate leads. It is by publishing blogs and sharing them. But, focus on writing about the event and so much about your product/services or brand.

4. Embrace the Power of Data

With online events, you can capture tons of data. Use the data to identify buyer personas and amplify your leads.

Capture data such as audience engagement rates, content impressions, participation rates, attendee tracking, etc. With data, you can pinpoint what motivates your potential customers. Then, customize and personalize your marketing materials to target them.

You can also capture data during the event. Real-time data enables you to make adjustments to the event to keep your audience engaged and interested in your event.

5. The End is Not Really the End

Yes, you read it right. The completion of an online event is not the end of it. You can generate leads even after the event. One way is to repurpose the content into video-on-demand, thereby extending the life of your online event.

You can also break your repurposed content into smaller video sessions for lead generation. It will cater to audiences who like to watch or listen to a particular speaker through short-duration videos and who were not able to attend the event.

While publishing your repurposed content, do not forget to put the link of your upcoming events and call to action tools to engage the audience and attain qualified leads.

Follow Up!

When the event has ended, do not wait for the attendees to contact you. Follow up with them to continue the conversation and convert them into your loyal customers.

Virtual events are a lead generation tactic that all businesses should embrace. They are a gateway to endless opportunities.

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