Event Management Platform for Marketing Agency

Event Management Platform for Marketing

Marketers are leveraging Beetsol for replicating the benefits of in-person marketing events, generating leads, and improving their branding strategies.

Stats: 200+ marketing events, 150K leads generated 40% increase in revenue

Marketing is indispensable for livelihoods. When the pandemic spiraled out of control, scientists, nurses, and doctors fought hard to save lives and they continue to do so. While these first responders worked unbelievably hard to beat the viral disease, people in sales and marketing were fighting another battle. This battle was of earning and providing a livelihood. The strength of any economy depends on its ability to manufacture and distribute goods, and it takes sales and marketing to pay employees and vendors. In other words, a business's revenue depends on its marketing activities.

But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, marketing leaders and chief marketing officers had to restructure departments, rethink plans, and determine new ways of connecting with customers. Overall, they had to increase their marketing efforts. But they soon realized that the tone-deaf messaging wouldn't work in times of crisis. Their marketing activities had to be centered on providing the right information and tools that offer great value for the target audience. Instead of a hard sell, marketers had to shift their attention to empathy and service.

Lead generation is the most important marketing activity to draw the attention of prospects. When strict lockdown measures were imposed across the globe, in-person marketing events were no longer an option. It was time that marketers rethink their strategies and leverage new innovative tools to generate leads for their business while providing value for their target audience.

Using Beetsol for Lead Generation Activities

For years, businesses relied on trade shows and in-person conferences to improve their marketing strategies, including lead generation. But when that came to a grinding halt, marketing leaders turned to virtual event management platforms such as Beetsol, taking the new paradigm into account. With Beetsol, they were able to generate more qualified leads, perform email marketing, customize registration forms, and revamp their branding strategies.

"We are a well-known marketing agency in Chicago. Over the last 15 years, we have helped clients across a myriad of verticals market their products and services using in-person events. However, due to the recent unprecedented events that unfolded in 2020, we had no choice but to look for alternative ways. We sunk our teeth into finding the best event management platform for promoting our client's products and services using virtual events as well as generating leads for them. Our search ended with Beetsol, an all-powerful tool for hosting all sorts of marketing events you can think of. Our team loved the freedom to customize the registration pages according to the look and feel of the client's branding themes. We generated thousands of leads using email marketing and virtual marketing activities. Beetsol's ability to create a unique brand identity stands out from the rest."

- Larry Williams, Marketing Lead

The use of Beetsol for marketing activities isn't limited to the current crisis. In many ways, it fills the gaps of in-person marketing events; because virtual events are not restricted by budget constraints, venue capacity, or travel expenses. Agility is key in marketing. The faster you adapt, the better the results.

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