Acquire insights into your events to better understand your prospective clients

Beetsol successfully address the void between your events data and Marketo to give you complete control over all your marketing efforts.

Sync event data: Effortlessly synchronize data between your event management platform and Marketo with Beetsol’s integration.

  • Sync event registration, cancellations, participant’s information
  • Transfer most relevant information without loss of any data
  • Update info quickly and in real-time
  • Deliver targeted communications

Improve the overall processes: Optimize your productivity by eliminating any bottlenecks

  • Execute a marketing strategy based on quality of registrations
  • Gain relevant audience
  • Create a segmented target list in Marketo
  • Increase repeat attendees

Achieve your business objectives: Analyze your digital marketing campaigns based on past events

  • Streamline marketing tasks based on event feedback
  • Boost lead generation rate by focused targeting
  • Increase attendee retention
  • Generate higher revenue at a much faster rate

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