Streamline your email campaigns to attract the right audience at the right time

Beetsol’s integration with Mailchimp enables your team to reuse existing contact lists and other assets for your upcoming events.

Connect with relevant audience: Use your Mailchimp campaigns directly for your events

  • Registration and attendee lists exported to Mailchimp
  • Import existing contact lists to send invitations with event information
  • Reach prospective clients irrespective of their location
  • Sync generated leads with other team members
  • Create custom marketing campaigns and send bulk emails

Gain actionable insights: Collate and easily update your critical business information to make better strategic decisions

  • Keep track of all the relevant event data
  • Gain access to analytics and reports
  • Eliminate the guesswork and improve your events
  • Understand which strategy works for you
  • Organize all marketing reports at one place

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