5 Tips to nurture online event leads

August 24, 2021

A recent study by Bizzabo confirms that nearly 93% of event marketers are planning to incorporate online events in their strategy in 2021. They have realized the potential of these virtual events in generating leads for businesses.

But once the online event ends, another challenge begins. And this has to do with nurturing the leads post-event. Even though some of the most qualified leads may convert quickly, the others need more ‘nurturing’.

Therefore, this blog post shares important tips on how you can nurture your leads after hosting a successful event using an online event management software.

Tips on how to nurture your online event leads

1. Offer post-event resources

Your relationship with the attendees should not end with the event. You want to build trust and nurture that relationship well after. One great way of doing this is by creating a repository of content and offering it to your attendees.

For example, with Beetsol, you can record your virtual events and then offer key highlights in the form of bite-sized videos, blog posts, social media posts, infographics, and more.

The post-event resources allow people who missed your event to gain valuable information. When online events run for hours or days, it’s hard to retain information even for people who attended the event.

Hence, it’s one of the most path-breaking strategies to nurture your leads.

2. Follow up with emails

Communicating regularly with your leads is a sure-fire way of nurturing them. And emails have established themselves as an indispensable tool for maintaining that line of communication.

A 2020 report by Litmus found that about 77% of marketers leverage email marketing to promote products, events, and services. One of the simplest emails you can send to your attendees after the event is the “Thank You” email.

With a virtual event management software like Beetsol, event marketing would feel like a breeze. Before the event, you can use this feature for promotions.

On the other hand, you can also utilize it to obtain the feedback of attendees, express gratitude, and offer post-event resources.

3. Send out surveys

Lead nurturing is an important strategy to convert event attendees who have shown interest but have not yet purchased your products or services.

For example, you can send out surveys asking their opinion on:

  • Sessions conducted during the event
  • Speakers
  • Content
  • Other key aspects of the online event such as the event registration process

Besides lead nurturing, sending out surveys has another benefit. By analyzing the answers of survey respondents, you can make significant improvements in your future events.

Pro tip: People don’t like to find time for filling out surveys unless they are really interested or are offered some kind of incentive. Consider sending an e-gift or some form of discount for your product or service to encourage them.

4. Nurture your leads using social media

There are quite literally billions of social media users on this planet. More and more people continue to join different social media platforms. It’s highly likely that your event attendees are active on these channels.

By posting regular updates, you can engage your attendees. The updates could be images and videos from your event or information about your upcoming event.

What’s more, is that you can run contests to ensure maximum engagement. This strategy is also effective on emails. Also, user-generated content does wonders for your brand.

Encourage your attendees to share their favorite discoveries or moments from the event they attended.

5. Foster a community

To nurture your online event leads, you want to create a community where the attendees can continue to share their knowledge with each other.

You can do so on the online event management platform itself since Beetsol allows one-on-one conversations as well. Or you can create a Facebook group/page to encourage event-related conversations.

For example, you can start a thread once the event is over and that would facilitate the discussions. Though to keep the community respectful for everyone, you would have to moderate the page or group.

Creating a community not only helps you nurture your leads generated through virtual events but also aids in improving future events.

All you need is an all-in-one event management platform like Beetsol to not only generate leads but also convert them!

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