5 Ways to engage your webinar audience

January 14, 2021

Webinars are the perfect medium to increase your business’s visibility and connect individuals with similar interest located around the globe. Through webinars, organizations can showcase their expertise in specific areas while educating attendees. Webinars usually last for around 60 minutes and are hosted with the help of online webinar solutions. Occasionally, they can extend beyond 60 minutes as well. Thus businesses can use the following ways to engage their audience during webinars.

  1. Ask attendees quick questions to start a conversation

If your webinar lasts for more than 60 minutes, your audience may require stimuli to stay concentrated on your webinar. You can use Q & A segment as a stimulus to keep the audience engaged. Question and answer round allows attendees to get directly involved with the current discussion topic. Additionally, you can break Q & A sessions into various segments throughout the webinar to maintain the audience engagement.

  1. Create engaging content

Create content that delivers a precise message with minimum words. Also, make sure each slide in your presentation is neatly designed with easy to read placement of content. Use as many pictures, graphs and figures to command audience attention throughout the webinar.

  1. Have an interactive session

You can ensure improved interaction of the audience by adding segments of interactions at specific intervals. Such interactions keep guests mentally engaged in webinar till the end.

  1. Encourage attendees to participate in activities

You can invite a few of the attendees to participate in fun exercises, quizzes or challenges that are related to your webinar. Though they cannot participate physically however a little effort from your side will go a long way.

  1. Ask your attendees for feedback

Encouraging the audience to share feedback enables you to understand the performance of your webinar and what improvement you can make to deliver a better experience in future. It is also a great way to direct your audience with an appropriate call to action.

5 ways to engage webinar audience


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