Importance of event reporting & analytics in lead nurturing

September 9, 2021

With advancements in technology, lead generation methods have also evolved. And one of these methods is event management. Most businesses are aware that organizing virtual events is an incredible lead generation tactic, but what they don’t probably know is that it’s also a key to lead nurturing

By leveraging the reporting and analytics offered by event management platforms like Beetsol, businesses can create loyal customers and establish industry-leading authority. Besides, marketers who want to stand out from the crowd don’t rely on feelings but data to make decisions. 

But where does this all-powerful data come from? 

From event analytics of course! 

We have created this post to help you explore the significance of event analytics in lead nurturing. Apart from that, we will also cover the data points offered by Beetsol, one of the best event management software in the market. 

But let’s brush up on our basics first…


What is Lead Nurturing?


Once you generate leads for your business, lead nurturing allows you to establish trust with them. They need to see that your brand is a frontrunner in the industry and that your product or service is the best solution to their pain points. 

Lead nurturing is the process of utilizing the information about each lead, including their current industry, purchasing requirements, and business goals to offer relevant information, advice, and content. 

It aims to move the prospective buyer onto the next level of their journey and ultimately help them complete the purchase. Clearly, your work doesn’t just end with the virtual event. Lead nurturing is, in fact, a continuous process until your potential buyer reaches the top of your sales funnels. 

Using online event management platforms such as Beetsol, you can shorten the time incurred on closing a sale. And you can do so by utilizing the reporting and analytics feature of Beetsol. 

Which brings us to…


Importance of Event Reporting and Analytics in Lead Nurturing 


Time is the most valuable asset. Businesses run a race against time to close more deals than ever and thus boost their profitability. However, with a plethora of spreadsheets at your disposal, this can be hard to achieve. 

With event reporting and analytics, you can not only save precious time but also manage ticketing, surveys, schedulers, registrations, and analytics, all in a single online event management platform

Increased ROI and enhanced attendee engagement are two of the most notable benefits of reporting and analytics that ultimately help you nurture leads and convert them. In addition to that, you don’t run the risk of duplicating reports. 

Virtual event management platforms such as Beetsol don’t just gather data for you. They help you capture actionable insights so that you can identify every opportunity concerned with each lead. Apart from that, you can offer personalized content as part of your lead nurturing strategy that caters to their unique needs, pain points, goals, and preferences.

In doing so, you offer better experiences to your prospective buyers. Hence, without a doubt, you need to prioritize reporting and analytics when choosing an online event management platform. 

Speaking of which…


How Beetsol Can Help


Beetsol event report

Most online event management platforms are not equipped with the means of combining actionable insights with experiential data. They fail to accommodate the unique needs of businesses and remain complicated, expensive, and isolated. 

What that leads to is marketing and sales teams making decisions on the basis of instinct instead of reliable data. 

Born out of that need is Beetsol, an virtual event management platform that allows you to consolidate the event marketing efforts. Using analytics, you can effortlessly manage all events and work towards improving the upcoming events. 

Additionally, you can boost ROI with the help of experiential activities, preferences, and behaviors – something that separates Beetsol from other event management platforms in the market. 

For instance, Beetsol offers the following data points that can be pivotal for your lead nurturing strategy:


Registration data

    • registration fields
    • date
    • time
    • source
    • total number of registrants

Attendee data


    • attended
    • duration
    • poll questions & answers
    • total live attendance numbers
    • average attendance duration

On-Demand data

    • registered for on-demand recording or live event
    • date and time of on-demand recording accessed
    • date and time of on-demand recording viewed
    • total number of on-demand recording accessed

What’s more, is that Beetsol can help you access all your event reports directly in your CRM or Learning Management system (LMS) by mapping your registration and attendee data to your contacts.

Beetsol acts as a connector between your online video conferencing tools such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, Google Connect, and Adobe Connect and your CRM’s such as HubSpot, SalesForce, Marketo, and Pardot.

Some of the important aspects Beetsol can help you with:


Beetsol CRM integration

  • Setup customized reports for your online events with data points such as Average Duration or Number of Sessions for each contact
  • Standard reports include: Registration data, Attendee data, On-demand event data for each contact
  • View your lists of contacts in CRM vs their registrations vs their attendance for each event
  • Reach out to your contacts with targeted responses based on their in-event Poll Q&A
  • Address various Use-cases with the availability of important data points. Eg: Did John fill your form after or before the event. Or, does attendance time help with a better conversion rate? 

With such powerful insights, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with conducting events, generating leads, nurturing, and converting them. The reporting and analytics feature of Beetsol helps you make timely decisions and approach lead generation and conversion through online events more strategically. 

From event planning to marketing, Beetsol’s team assists you at every step of the way! 

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