Market and distribute
your online events

Multiply the shares of your online events and increase their overall visibility on social media

Email campaigns

Send invitations to thousands of attendees using XLS/CSV email lists that are synced with your online events.

Email template

Create email templates that include event details and dynamic parameters.

Bulk invitations

Send bulk invitations for multiple events using email lists and pre-created templates.

Confirmation emails

All registrations receive automated confirmation email with relevant event information.

Scheduled reminders

Schedule email reminders at regular intervals for event registrations and live events.

Social Media

Share your events on your social handles seamlessly. Add your social channels in the footer for more visibility. Add social share icons on registration and confirmation pages for a multiplying share effect.


Send event invitations, reminders, and other information on whatsapp. Use a short registration URL and custom message on whatsapp for a concentrated approach and increase your registrations by 40%.

Source Tracking and Social Pixels

Customize your event registration URL by adding the source to track the number of visitors from each source. Add Facebook Pixel ID, Linkedin Partner ID, and Google Analytics ID for all your events.

Integrate with Marketing Platforms

Integrate with Pardot, Hupspot, and Marketo to capture registration and attendee data for future campaigns, or integrate with an already in use email platform such as Mailchimp to send invitations.

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