5 Strategies to successfully launch and sell your product virtually

June 17, 2021

A wise man once said, “True innovation is coming up with a product that the customer didnt even know they needed”. As inspiring as this thought sounds, as a business, your work doesn’t just stop at coming up with a product idea. You must be able to convey your product’s merit to the audience. If done right, a great product launch helps businesses in creating the right kind of buzz around the product and boost sales.

Apple demonstrates what an effective product launch can do to both: create excitement around your product and educate your audience and users. Although most of those launch events were in-person, a virtual product launch can also be as good.

5 Strategies to successfully launch and sell your product virtually


5 Strategies to Successfully Launch and Sell Your Product Virtually

1. Pre-launch preparations

A lot of effort goes into the preparations of launching a product. And for a virtual launch, various new elements come into the picture. Before the onset of the new normal, it was considered that not all products can have a virtual launch. However, that is not the case anymore. Today businesses have to innovate and figure out new ways to organize the virtual launch. For this purpose, enterprises can take the help of virtual event management platforms.

Furthermore, enterprises also need to assess what medium is most effective for a product launch. For example, some products can be best presented via a comprehensive video format, while some products will benefit more by hosting an elaborate online event with the help of an online event management solution.

For example, communicate to your audience about how your product will provide the solution to their pain-points and make their life easier. Bombarding your audience only with your product’s features and benefits through video clips will not get them excited.

Thus, understanding how your audience interacts through different platforms and what they expect from a new product launch will provide you with directions to develop an effective strategy.

2. Create suspense about a product before the launch

The suspense about a quality product drives curiosity among the audience. Many big brands use this strategy to catch their audience’s attention. A little mystery about a product’s features can create the required buzz. One of the ways to create suspense is to release behind-the-scenes video footage and sneak peeks. By doing so, you invite your customers on a journey while providing minimum details. The key here is to reveal only as much as to generate curiosity among the audience and generate excitement.

3. Create a memorable experience

During the launch as the event proceeds, you can make the whole experience memorable for event participants by making them feel included. For example, if a business is launching an electronic product, it would be fascinating if attendees are able to access the product virtually, discover more about its features by clicking on the product, and so on. Moreover, an event can be made memorable by delivering a glitch-free live telecast throughout the event and good sound arrangements.

4. Make it interactive

Interaction is a great way to make your audience feel included. The event host can chat with the audience, ask their opinions, make them ask questions, and offer giveaways. Fun interactions with the potential customers greatly enhance customer’s product perception, which ultimately translates into better sales

5. Strengthen relationship with your customer

As in-person interactions have limitations today, developing a personal relationship with customers has become important more than ever before. Businesses can strengthen relationships with their customers by answering their queries via virtual conference software, responding to their emails in no time, and make it easy for them to reach out to you. Social media interactions are also considered effective as they provide one-on-one interaction opportunities.

To successfully launch your product virtually, plan your event well in advance and impress your audience with an exceptional event experience.

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