Best ways of making your virtual events engaging

May 17, 2021

In today’s highly competitive market the best way to expand the audience reach is through the Virtual Event landscape. Thus, making complete use of their potential by making them as engaging and entertaining as in-person events is more important than ever before.

Importance of virtual events

Virtual events have gained much popularity across the globe during the Pandemic. Nevertheless, virtual events are proving to be high-value opportunity windows for all types of organisations. Hence, after realising the potential of online events, companies are making them a crucial part of their marketing and working strategies.

Virtual events can be as engaging and engrossing as in-person events and have the potential to reach a wider audience. They are very budget-friendly too, considering that travel expenses of the attendees, overhead costs – venue, big event staff, and various other factors of in-person events are removed from the equation. With virtual events the focus remains more on curating the best events possible, bringing better engagement for the audience and greater quality. Additionally, online events benefit the organisations with real-time engagement data of the attendees. And with the help of these reports, the company can better identify potential customers and gain an optimal ROI.

Ways to make your virtual events engaging

Here are a few ways using which you can make your Online Virtual Events more engaging.

  • Making it relevant

In order to achieve a high engagement rate, you need to understand what your target audience needs, their expectations and wants, and whether the value provided through the event will be worth the time spent attending it. After assessing these parameters, planning your event around and for your attendees is a sure way to increase the engagement rate of your events. We at Beetsol help you to explore your customers in depth with our research insights and planning tools. Moreover, we make sure that your engagement rate keeps rising by keeping the approach outward and not inward.

  • The online meeting platform

Selection of the platform depends on the product or service that you are providing. If you are conducting a webinar with moderate participation then the Zoom platform is the right option. On the other hand, if you are live-streaming a film, then Vimeo becomes your best bet as its password protection feature enables access to ticket holders only. Similarly, there are several other online meeting platforms that will fit your requirements and budget. Reach out to us to know more.

  • Integrate real experiences

Hybrid events are a great blend of in-person and virtual events. You can conduct an in-person event if permitted in your state, bookended by a virtual event with the same theme or vice-versa. Live-streaming of the in-person event along with virtual participants can also be something you can experiment with if you haven’t already.

You can boost audience engagement in so many ways. Ultimately it boils down to making it a lively, fun, varied, and unexpected experience for your audience. These tips and tricks are bound to give your participants a learning curve and bring them back for your future events with more curiosity.

Reach out to us at or +1(512)-333-4588 if you would like to make your next online event more exciting and memorable.

Best ways of making your virtual events engaging

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