How to choose between virtual and hybrid events?

May 18, 2021

As in-person events are a rarity at the moment, businesses should determine which type of online events best align with their goals and agenda for conducting that event. Having clarity on your event approach plays a crucial role in its success, and hopefully this blog can help with that.

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There are two major alternatives to in-person events: virtual and hybrid.

What are virtual events?

An event that is held entirely using an online platform. Here, the attendees can join the event from anywhere in the world.

What are hybrid events?

An event that is a combination of online and in-person events. Here, the attendees can join the event online as well as in-person.

Consider the following points to determine your event approach.

  • Timeline – Under the current circumstances of COVID-19, events held in the next 7 to 10 months need to comply with government regulations and have strict safety measures for all the attendees. This creates both moral and financial burden on the organizers. Virtual events are currently trending and are the safest alternative to in-person events. They help maintain social distancing and also reach a bigger market. However, if your audience prefers in person events then hybrid events can work for you. You can keep limited in-person tickets on a first come basis and conduct the same event online. This entire hybrid event can then be provided in form of one on-demand video. This approach caters to everyone who is interested in attending your event while keeping your options flexible.
  • Number of attendees – Whether you are thinking of hybrid events or virtual events, knowing the total count of the attendees is an important factor for the smooth functioning of the event. If you have over 500 attendees then conducting an online event should be your preferred choice. People are now used to attending online events and one can host upwards of 1000 participants seamlessly. In the case of hybrid events, hosting up to 500 attendees using a combination of in-person and online setup is recommended.
  • Attendee Location – What kind of reach do you have in mind for your event? Is it global or national? Or perhaps it’s a local event? The answer to this question can help you decide the type of event you need. In case of a national or local event, you can choose a hybrid model by setting up regional hubs, enabling local attendees to meet in person and interact with the online participants. If you are looking for global reach then virtual event is the way to go.
  • Budget that suits you – Virtual events are very cost-effective and give you seamless end to end services with a global reach. And if in-person attendance is required then hybrid events will be less expensive to setup and easier to organise in comparison to in-person events. In eithercase, both hybrid and virtual events provide more flexibility and greater return on investment than in-person events.

It is important to design a dynamic and an engaging experience for our audiences, and achieving this has become tricky with the current restrictions. Businesses are required to consider additional parameters, such as one’s mentioned above, to achieve the same results as before. So, evaluate your entire event use-case before setting it up and sending those invites. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation if you need any help deciding the best approach for hosting your events.

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