5 Most compelling post-event survey questions to ask

June 27, 2021

Organizations put enormous amounts of effort in planning and executing virtual events, which they host for various purposes. As the event proceeds towards its conclusion, you will probably have an overall idea about how successful your event has been. However, when you only have your own personal experience to rely on, it’s difficult to say how well an event went. 

To obtain actionable insights, you simply need to ask the relevant questions at the right time. 

In this article, we will enlist the 5 most compelling post-event survey questions to ask your participants and gain actionable insights. 

But first, let’s understand what a post-event survey is?

Post-event surveys are specifically designed questionnaires that help event hosts collect relevant information about attendee’s experiences. This questionnaire is often shared online with participants before, during, or as the event concludes and the feedback can be utilized to assess participant’s preferences, optimize future event experience, and  streamline the event management process. 

Though various types of virtual events can be organized with an all in one event management software, no two events are the same and each of these events are hosted with different objectives and goals. Some of them are public events such as fundraisers, some are virtual conferences organized for professional meet-ups, while some virtual gatherings are organized solely for knowledge exchange. Thus post-event surveys for each event type should include event-specific questions. 

Survey questions can be distinguished into

Post-Event Survey Questions

1. Yes/No questions: These questions are simple in structure, and participants must answer them in Yes/No format. Nevertheless, participants are always encouraged to elaborate their answers, especially when they answered ‘No’. 

2. Multiple choice: Multiple choice questions can be used to ask attendees to rate pre-existing answers on a given scale. 

3. Open-ended questions: Open-ended questions allow participants to freely express their opinions without any limitations. 

The most compelling post-event survey questions for attendees

Yes or No question type

  • Did this event live up to your expectations?
  • Did you accomplish what you had planned to?
  • Did you find the presenter knowledgeable?
  • Would you recommend this event to the people in your circle?
  • Would you be interested in another event such as this in the future?

Multiple Choice questions 

  • How would you rank the event structure?
  • Rank the quality of networking and business communication opportunities at this event.
  • How would you rate the quality of shared content?
  • What did you think about the duration of the event?
  • How would you rate event builder platform used to host the event?

Open-Ended questions 

  • What motivated you to attend this event?
  • What was your favorite part of the event?
  • Do you have any recommendations for how to enhance the event for the next time?
  • What topics do you want us to explore in future events?
  • What did you find most unpleasant about the event, and why?

Post-event survey questions for sponsors and presenters

  • Did you have access to all the technical support facilities on our online event platform to effectively conduct the event?
  • Would you like to suggest any improvements for future events?
  • Did you get all of the information you needed prior to the event?
  • Would you be interested in collaborating with us again for future events?
  • Please share your feedback on the overall event.

Post-event survey questions 

  • What according to you was the highlight of the event?
  • Share your opinions and suggestions about the overall event.
  • Did the event fulfill your expectations?
  • Suggests improvements (if any) for future betterment.
  • Overall do you consider the event successful?

In theory, you can ask your participants as many questions as you want. However, it is best to keep questions limited in order to avoid complexity during analysis. The above-mentioned post-event survey question will undoubtedly aid in assessing attendees’ experiences and perceptions of the event. 

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