Online event trends of 2021

May 18, 2021

Majority of businesses have moved to remote work settings due to the recent global health crisis. This unexpected surge in remote workforce enablement has led to a world-wide discussion on the best ways to connect teams and companies online. Now, almost a year into COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of professional workforces have moved to a completely remote work model. And although a large number of people have adopted this model, many organizations are still trying to figure out pertinent ways to connect online and keep team communication gap-free.

Inturn, this transition has put a spotlight on below mentioned corporate meetings and events trends that have become necessary for the future of business continuity.

1. Smart technology will gain focus

Event Trends

A complete shift will be needed from traditional recovery measures to endure and manage evolving risks. Companies will have to analyse data from their current operating models and modify them to concentrate on resilience inorder to manage unexpected challenges. Workplaces will be expected to stay on-par with the consumer technology that their employees are accustomed to and develop or partner with intuitive and experience-enhancing solutions that improve engagement and productivity. Organizations, whose employees can contribute through remote work, will need to not only encourage this practice but also perfect it using simplified and user-friendly communication and collaboration platforms.

2. Online events will proliferate


Remote work will give great impetus on moving most events to online webinars. Managing large events in the normal situation itself is a huge task and to manage them online for an event is even harder. Dynamic Online Webinar Solutions offer tailor-made solutions in line with your business goals. Although, a tremendous shift from the regular, online webinars bring in a large number of benefits for businesses and organizations. These benefits include:

  • Massive Audience Reach
  • Saves Time for Attendees and Speakers
  • Unique, Online Experiences
  • Low marketing and operating cost
  • Better Event Feedback with valuable data for your next move

3. Interactive features


Meetings and events platforms will need to be fully customizable inorder to provide a more engaging experience for the attendees. Organizations will need end-to-end event management platforms that offer a flawless experience with features such intuitive event creation and attendee registration, easy deployment and promotion of events across various channels, simultaneous management of multiple events and report generation, and seamless integration with the organization’s existing infrastructure.


Even though the new normal remains fluid and unpredictable, the future of events is exciting. Apart from the obvious cost benefits of online events where the host doesn’t need to hunt and book venues, or manage refreshments and other logistics for the attendees, online events will even make networking more efficient than it is in the real world.

A shift from in-person conferences into online events will certainly feel different, and in some cases one might find this change overwhelming. However, with the availability of online event platforms that help recreate the in-person interaction experience in online events, organizations will find this transition surprisingly seamless.

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